A1962: Glasses with the “soul of Porto”

Imagem da notícia: A1962: Glasses with the “soul of Porto”

A1962 is a brand of handmade glasses in Portugal or more specifically, in Porto, where they draw all their inspiration from. Each model of the collection is associated with a location in the Invincible city, which the brand claims is a way of “telling a story, showing a culture and a philosophy of life”.

Developed by Adão Oculista, A1962 is an entirely handmade Portuguese production brand, in which pride and respect for the past, motivation for the present and a project for the future come together. It is on Rua de Santa Catarina, in the heart of Porto, where the company is based, and through which all kinds of production pass and where new projects are developed, such as the case of this brand.

“We decided to create our own brand. A brand that would reflect our identity and our knowledge. We had the knowledge, the will, the means and the people necessary to make it happen. The knowledge of the first generation, the will of the second and the creativity of the third came together in this project: in 2017 the first editions of the A1962 went on sale, a collection entirely designed and created by us and made real by the partnership with the only acetate glasses factory in the Iberian Peninsula. “Raw materials of great quality combined with excellent design”, state Paula Pinho and Arlindo Teixeira, the managers of the company Adão Oculista.

January 28, 2019

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