“2017 will be a year of major decisions for Nacional Óptica”

Imagem da notícia: “2017 will be a year of major decisions for Nacional Óptica”

According to Rui Teixeira, Prolente and Nacional Óptica’s manager, 2017 will be a year of consolidation, namely with the opening of new venues, giving greater emphasis to own brands. With two base models – franchising and partnership – the company is well and commended.

ÓpticaPro: In 2017 do your foresee the opening of more franchising venues, adding to the nine store already in existence? Does the future involve a further expansion?

Rui Teixeira: 2015 was a year of large and rapid growth. In 2016 we slowed down and consolidated some important aspects to keep growing the brand. 2017 will most definitely be a year of major decisions, which may involve new venues, giving greater emphasis to high-profile brands, as well as having more own brands.

OP: Your business model is based in two different concepts: the franchising and partnership models. Which one is most used and what are the main advantages of each one?

RT: The franchising model is based on a cost streamlining philosophy. With high-volume trading we reach the final consumer with the compromise of offering him the best quality/price ratio. Every franchising store follows the same marketing and communications plan. As for the partnership model, it is also based in a cooperative, high-volume group trading model. The key difference is that the optics stores maintain a traditional nature, with their commercial names, but enjoy National Óptica’s various services, concerning marketing, finances and judicial services.

Read the complete interview in ÓpticaPro 164.

January 16, 2017

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