OcularEyeCare team interview

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In the year of commemoration of its tenth anniversary, OcularEyeCare presents their new Clinical and Formation Center in Portugal. Aveiro is still the chosen city. “The know-how and assignment of every primary visual health care and optics professional’s new skills” continues to be its main goal.

The offspring of a team of optometry specialists, OcularEyeCare has been, during the last few years, revolutionizing the concept of clinical and technical formation in its areas of expertise. Always under constant training and accompanying the technological advances available on the market, OcularEyeCare now has in Portugal new facilities designed from the ground up to provide every associate with the best training and skill acquisition.

We spoke with Catarina Seabra and Luís Vieira, the “faces” of the project, in order to dive deeper into this new stage for the company. Learn more in ÓpticaPro 166.

March 8, 2017

Mido 2020

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