“I can consider myself privileged”

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Carlos Martins, Alain Afflelou’s franchisee in the Algarve region, was born in Santiago do Cacém, Setúbal, but has been living in Albufeira since he was four years old. We spoke to him in order to understand what are his ambitions in the optics world.

How did your relationship with the Alain Afflelou come to be?
My relationship begins at the end of 2012, when I’m challenged to continue the group’s expansion policy in the south. The project seemed very ambitious to me, as it contained several key nodes to succeed in the Algarve region. At the moment the fourth store is getting ready to open in the Algarve.

What are the expectations for the opening of another venue?
The expectations for this new venue are rather high, since the store will be located in one of the region’s main touristic points and will be based on an innovative concept for the group, linked to primary health care. In this regard, we are working in a modern, very attractive store, which will provide top-class optical services, for city visitors and residents alike.

In geographical terms, is your clientele predominantly Portuguese or foreign?
I can consider myself privileged, because Alain Afflelou is an international group with a strong presence in the countries where it has operations, which ultimately attracts many foreign costumers to our stores, recognizing the brand, products and services, looking for the quality and offers they are used to in our network. However, the brand’s identity has shown its strengths in the domestic market, collecting more and more Portuguese costumers. The Algarve being a touristic region, the foreign costumers are of great importance in our stores, especially during the high season, but the domestic costumers are the ones who seek us the most.

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August 14, 2017

Mido 2020

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