Opticenter “is a lifetime project”

Imagem da notícia: Opticenter “is a lifetime project”

Rui Silva is someone who is passionate about the eyewear field and its relationship with customers, and who is always “in the middle of everything”. With one foot on the pedals of Opticenter’s leadership and another on one of his Land Rovers, Rui uncovers the “maneuvers” of his road to success.

ÓpticaPro: Do you think of yourself as an example to follow?

Rui Silva: Yes. I’m not complacent, I continue to work with the coming years in mind. I can say that we have been approached several times for the acquisition of the group, but I don’t see myself doing anything else. For me, it’s about the interaction with the public. I was, after all, trained as a journalist. It is not just a financial aspect, it is a project of a lifetime.

There is a book I like to refer , “The Blue Ocean Strategy.” It reflects on the fact that companies create a certain business concept and achieve a certain success. These companies sail quietly, for a few years, on a blue ocean. Then the competition and the market need to adapt: ​​the blue ocean becomes bloody. We have to look for our blue space in its vastness and activate strategies to distance ourselves from the red zone. That is, not focus on what is happening but rather on what we are going to do. Be our own leader.

Read the full-length cover interview in the October edition of ÓpticaPro, number 185.

October 5, 2018

Mido 2020

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