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With a solid career in the optical market, and as the current director of operations at Opticenter, Marco Pombo decided to embrace, in tandem, an innovative business without competition in Portugal: PaoemCasa brings him fresh bread home every day, while he sleeps. With a presence in 40 different locations from north to south of Portugal, the aim is to reach 50 in 2019. Its founder told us what led him to go for it.

“I see only one reason: curiosity. For as long as I can remember, what motivated me in my professional life has always been my curiosity and desire to learn more. This applies to other professions that I have had. I was a teacher once because I wanted to speak better in public. I was a flight attendant because I was scared of flying. I was a trainer because I wanted to learn more about leadership. I was a computer programmer because I had no understanding of computing. I took an MBA in Management because I wanted to know how to run a company holistically and for consistency, PaoemCasa is a way to learn more about the online world. I believe that life is a constant learning process and I’ve never wasted any opportunity in this regard. I like to embrace something I don’t know. I ask questions when I don’t know something. If I have any success in my career, I owe it to one thing. Perhaps this is even my personal secret. I’ve always managed to be surrounded by talented people who knew more about something than me. There’s a saying that “No one is so poor that they don’t have something to give, and no one is so rich that they don’t have something to receive”. I translate it this way: “No one is so confined that they have nothing to teach, and no one is so wise that they have nothing to learn”.

April 1, 2019

Silmo Paris

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