UPOOP marked 40 years of love for Optometry

Imagem da notícia: UPOOP marked 40 years of love for Optometry

The XXII Congresso Internacional de Optometría e Contactologia (CIOC), organised by the União Profissional dos Ópticos e Optometristas Portugueses (UPOOP), took place on the 5th and 6th April at the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa. In addition to the usual sharing of scientific knowledge, the moment served to mark the 40th anniversary of UPOOP. 

“Bearing in mind the struggles that UPOOP fought for optometry in Portugal, the many achievements – without forgetting the defeats, as we learned a lot from them during these 40 years -, this is a moment of special reflection and fellowship,” stated Henrique Nascimento, president of the União Profissional dos Ópticos e Optometristas Portugueses.

After the event, the professor stressed to ÓpticaPro that “it was an extremely important journey for Portuguese optometry. 40 years is a very emblematic date for us optometrists, who help, with our clinical action and research, to improve the vision of the Portuguese people”.

May 8, 2019

Silmo Paris

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