Ótica Silvestre creates Ver Bem Aljustrel program

Imagem da notícia: Ótica Silvestre creates Ver Bem Aljustrel program

The Ver Bem Aljustrel program, developed by Ótica Silvestre and the Municipality of Aljustrel, runs throughout this year and aims to provide free access to necessary optometry exams and prescription glasses to the poorer local population.

The criteria of this proposal will give priority to holders of the municipality’s Social Card and to children and young people, aged 16 or under, due to the correlation between their visual performance and their educational success, as well as to other citizens with proven economic hardship.

Optica Silvestre, a member of the Optivisão Group, in order to promote local visual health, has offered 12 prescription glasses and the respective optometric tests during 2019 in order to contribute to the quality of life of its beneficiaries.

This initiative aims to reduce the estimated results in Portugal that 20% of children and 50% of adults suffer from refractive problems which, in most cases, are situations susceptible to prevention and early detection.

May 31, 2019

Silmo Paris

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