Miguel Alves is the new CEO of Alain Afflelou Portugal

Imagem da notícia: Miguel Alves is the new CEO of Alain Afflelou Portugal

Miguel Alves, the new general director of the company, intends to contribute to a greater recognition of the brand with the Portuguese public, through a plan aimed at creating growth of the French group throughout the country. Starting with a greater number of stores, he states, and above all with excellent service and dedication to the costumer’s interests.

ÓpticaPro: How did you get this offer to be the CEO of Alain Afflelou Portugal?

Miguel Alves: In reality, it was somewhat unexpected. However, I think it was a result of the work I’ve been doing in the industry for 20 years. The project seemed very interesting and appealing, without belittling any of the previous projects where I have had the opportunity to be.

The complete interview can be found in OpticaPro 194.

July 8, 2019

Silmo Paris

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