Moutinho Opticas blew out 63 candles

Imagem da notícia: Moutinho Opticas blew out 63 candles

Moutinho Ópticas celebrated its 63rdbirthday on July 13. The birthday party was held three days later, on the 16th, at Quinta da Boucinha in Vila Nova de Gaia, and the entire team was invited. According to the organisers, these were “63 years of improving the visual quality of our customers while offering the best products”.

In 1957 the António Moutinho & Ca., Lda company was established, with a share capital of 100,000 $ 00 and with the corporate purpose of trading in optical products, precision and surgery instruments and laboratory equipment. Since then, the head office has been at Rua 31 de Janeiro, 52, in the city of Porto.

Presently, with a registered capital of 400,000 euros, it is a robust company with solid business relationships with all its customers and suppliers. It currently has three areas of activity: optical stores, ophthalmology equipment and precision instruments.

July 29, 2019

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