Prooptica launches Amália eyewear collection

Imagem da notícia: Prooptica launches Amália eyewear collection

As part of thecentennial celebrationofthe birth of Amália Rodrigues, the Amália Foundation and Prooptica signed a cooperation agreement for the launch of the Amália eyewear collection for the next five years.

This initiative is in line with Prooptica’s strategy, which has been investing for 26 years in Portugal and in brands and personalities that are relevant for the diffusion of Portuguese culture and fashion in the world. According to the general director of Prooptica, Luís Justino, “Amália is an eternal Portuguese diva who transports our culture to the four corners of the world. She’s a woman of faith and culture who perfectly embodies the Portuguese woman: independent, emancipated, self-assured, elegant, seductive, beautiful and always attentive to fashion trends”.

The president of the Foundation, Vicente Rodrigues, considers “this agreement as part of a strategy to develop partnerships with companies with values that align with those of the Foundation, which allows for the collection of funds that contributes to the sustainability of the Foundation. Only in this way can the Foundation fully fulfil the mission defined by Amália Rodrigues, that of helping people in need”.

August 30, 2019

Silmo Paris

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