DITA-EPILUXURY: Olhar de Prata presents “beyond luxury” glasses

Imagem da notícia: DITA-EPILUXURY: Olhar de Prata presents “beyond luxury” glasses

Launched in Portugal by Olhar de Prata optics and one of 15 selected sales outlets worldwide, DITA-EPILUXURY is a unique collection that combines the five attributes of luxury: functional performance, cutting-edge technology, handcrafted workmanship, timeless design and exclusivity.

EPI-LUXURY means “beyond luxury”. It is a concept that revolutionises and surprises those who know this collection, created to adapt, and even transmute, according to the individuality of each person. It is a collection that is based on the principle of modular design. A single model of glasses guarantees great versatility, since it is possible to change or add various details and components.

With retail prices between 1,900 and 4,200 euros, each pair of DITA-EPILUXURY comes with two sets of arms that not only allow you to change between them, but also two polarised lenses of the highest quality that can be changed in a very simple and ingenious way. The details that can be part of the bridge, which connects the two lenses, are also interchangeable and can range from a simple titanium rim to materials as rare as fine woods such as ebony or even the buffalo horn, a material that has conquered the true lovers of luxury for its unique and unmatched characteristics.

September 16, 2019

Mido 2020

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