MultiOpticas opens new store in Cova da Piedade

Imagem da notícia: MultiOpticas opens new store in Cova da Piedade

MultiOpticas opened a new store, with the “most modern concept in the optical sector”. Rosário Carmona is heading Cova da Piedade’s new commercial space.

“After 28 years of experience in the resources department of GrandVision, the decision to open a business only made sense if it was to continue the progress made in the area, making the most of all the knowledge of the business, the partners and the market of optics in general. Above all, the trust in a company of high quality and a leader in the sector, highly competitive, with the best practice and a team of excellence”, Rosário Carmona emphasised, who now opens his first store.

MultiOpticas has more than 200 stores in Portugal, including an online store, and is part of the GrandVision group, which also owns GrandOptical and Solaris in Portugal, and more than 7000 stores worldwide.

September 25, 2019

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