“Olhar Pelos Outros” supports the acquisition of an ambulance

Imagem da notícia: “Olhar Pelos Outros” supports the acquisition of an ambulance

Parente Óptica Médica, the oldest optic in Lamego, within the scope of its social responsability project “Olhar Pelos Outros”, supports the Lamego Volunteer Firefighters for the acquisition of a new ambulance.

This contribution, referring to 1% of the December invoicing of Parente Óptica Médica in 2019 ensured the value of 2.100 euros to deliver to firefighters who need to purchase an ambulance to support de community in the Lamego region.

“Parente Óptica Médica is a company that has helped a lot the Lamego Volunteer Firefighters over time. And once again they showed their generosity and did not hesitate to offer their support as soon as they learned of the need and difficulty to acquire an ambulance. We are very grateful”, said the president of the association’s management, Helder dos Santos , and the commander of the Lamego Volunteer Firefighters, Nuno Carvalho.

Every year, Parente Óptica Médica, with its social responsibility project “Olhar Pelos Outros”, supports several projects and entities that dedicate their activity to the most deprived community. At the end of the year, the company promotes an awareness campaign with its costumers to deliver the highest possible value referring to 1% of the December invoicing of Parente Óptica Médica to an institution.

“Making a donation to the Lamego Volunteer firefighters is to be contributing to the well-being of the entire region, since their activity is transversal to everyone, with regard to the protection of goods and people. And that is why we can not remain indifferent when we know that there is a need as urgent as the acquisition of an ambulanc3e, which will allow firefighters more effective support in the area of help and patient support”, says Tiago Parente, managing partner of Parente Óptica Médica.

January 21, 2020

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