Alain Afflelou of Campo de Ourique has new image

Imagem da notícia: Alain Afflelou of Campo de Ourique has new image

Parking in Campo de Ourique is a difficult mission, but not impossible. At Rua Infantaria 16, the task requires a dose of extra luck, but the effort was compensated as soon as we entered the commercial space of this French group’s optics, managed by Miguel Pereira.

Whoever enters the store now says “ahhhh!!!, what a big difference”. Starting with the exhibitors, with a more illuminated and sophisticated product layout. The care in the sober choice of furniture is noticeable because of the wide circulation space in the store and the plenty of natural light that transmits a more enveloping environment.

“A lot has changed! The store has a totally different concept. More modern, more appealing and more welcoming. This concept is fabulous, it gives a unique character to the point of sale. The whole product seems to have more life with this type of furniture and lighting, which causes a greater contrast in the exhibition”, explains Miguel Pereira.

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January 28, 2020

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