ANO launches the “You can trust, even with your eyes closed” campaign

Imagem da notícia: ANO launches the “You can trust, even with your eyes closed” campaign

The campaign’s objective is to make consumers aware of the hygiene and safety standards respected by the opticians associated with the National Opticians Association (ANO). Pedro Ribeiro, Rádio Comercial’s programming director and TVI’s executive programme director, is the ambassador of this initiative.

“After the state of emergency was lifted, we felt the need to reinforce the message of trust and safety of the optician establishments with the consumer. ANO created an advertising campaign to encourage consumers to recognise ANO’s optics as safe and reliable points of sale,” the association said in an online meeting with some industry professionals last Friday.

In this sense, the campaign with the slogan “You can trust, even with your eyes closed” will be “on air” between the 29th of June and the 12th of July on TVI, TVI24 and Rádio Comercial. In addition, materials will be provided for the message in store and on the Internet. The “Óptica Segura” seal will thus be available in all the associated ANO optics.

“From this Monday onwards, the Portuguese will know who to trust with their vision, even with their eyes closed”. Fernando Tomaz, president of the ANO board, also points out that “Pedro Ribeiro is a great ambassador, no doubt. But you, opticians and industry partners, are the greatest ambassadors of optics in Portugal”.

Here is the spot of the campaign “You can trust, even with your eyes closed”.

July 9, 2020

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