Nova Optiforum held Special Lenses Forum

Nova Optiforum, managed by António Borges and Sónia Velosa, held at the end of October the second edition of the Forum Special Lenses, an event dedicated to specialists in the field of optometry, ophthalmology and orthotics.

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The first Silmo Showroom in Lisbon

The Silmo Showroom will have its first event in Lisbon on the 30thof June and it will be organized with the support of ANO – National Association of Opticians.

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Congratulations to Essilor for 60 years of Varilux!

For six decades Varilux has “looked to the future”. It all began in the late 1940s when Bernard Maitenaz registered development patents for the creation of progressive surfaces that would later give rise to a big revolution in ophthalmic lenses: Varilux progressive lenses.

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