Prooptica presents news in various business areas

Prooptica routinely organizes showrooms across the country to bring you the latest news from four business areas: eyeglasses, lenses, accessories and IT, and design and architecture. Featured, the Amália teaser, available in 2020.

Read more October 23, 2019

Hoya opens an international training center in Portugal

Hoya Corporation will strenghten its presence in the portoguese market with the opening of a new international training center and new headquarters in Lisbon, scheduled to open in 2020. These new, modern facilities will improve the service provided to the company’s entire partner ecosystem and are built according to the company’s values about innovation, sustainability […]

Read more October 15, 2019

Bausch & Lomb strengthens its Vision Care Iberia team

Bausch & Lomb, following its commitment to innovative products, such as ULTRA contact lenses, will be incorporating Javier Pedregal as head of professional care at Vision Care Iberia, thereby strengthening its service and professional relations and offering greater care and excellent technical support.

Read more August 5, 2019

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