Waylife launches first prescription line at opti

Waylife, the brand of the famous, like Itziar Ituño (La Casa de Papel) and Danilo among the others, will be present at opti 2020, where it will present the first optical collection in titanium, acetate and TR90.

Read more October 31, 2019

Prooptica presents news in various business areas

Prooptica routinely organizes showrooms across the country to bring you the latest news from four business areas: eyeglasses, lenses, accessories and IT, and design and architecture. Featured, the Amália teaser, available in 2020.

Read more October 23, 2019

Olhar de Prata launches the brand Vysen in Portugal

Launched in Portugal exclusively for the optics Olhar de Prata, the Vysen brand was born in the city of Miami in 2015, as a result of the enntrepreneurial initiative of three young people with previous experience in the distribution and the marketing sector of luxruy brands.

Read more October 18, 2019

Grupo Conselheiros da Visão has a new chairman

After a long career in Grupo Conselheiros da Visão (Vision Advisory Group), first as human resources director and then as financial director, Pedro Soares has been the chairman of the group since August, succeeding Rafael Silva’s long term of office.

Read more October 2, 2019

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