“Dona Dolores” is the new face of MultiOpticas

Dolores Aveiro, Portugal’s most famous mother and grandmother, is the new face of MultiOpticas, featuring the brand’s campaigns this year. A super mom, recognized for the values she inspires in her children and the way she looks at everyone.

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“We want to be a reference brand in Portugal”

We were talking to Elísio Marques and João Cunha, CEO and commercial director of Morel Portugal, respectively. The purpose of this meeting was to take stock of the company’s fisrt year and a half of activity in our country, which – according to those responsable – is 100% positive.

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“15 years ago, optics were more optical”

Paula Pinho and her husband Arlindo Teixeira told us what are the main challenges they face in managing Adão Oculista today and left us their insight into the differences they find in the market since ÓpticaPro was born 15 years ago.

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Classic Blue, the color of 2020

After the “living and energizing” Coral of 2019, Classic Blue is the color of year 2020. Calm, confidence and affinity are the feelings that, according to Pantone, the color inspires. If you have not yet selected this year´s eyewear collections, bet on a “timeless blue tone”, stable and elegant in its simplicity”.

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opti 2020, “a total sucess”

This year, 28,000 visitors from 93 countries came to Munich from 10-12 January to catch up on the latest trends and developments in optics.

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Mido 2020